Alex Pall Talk about their Music and Much More in an Interview with Mathias RosenzweigAlex Pall Talk about their Music and Much More in an Interview with Mathias Rosenzweig

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are known for their amazing songs and the duo are called “The Chainsmokers”. They have set themselves apart from other bands in different ways and recently their new album ‘Closer’ has also gained a huge reputation among their fans. They were recently interviewed by Mathias Rosenzweig where they discussed their early start and their plans for the future. They did not feel shy sharing what they thought about their career and what they plan on achieving in life.

Mathias asked them how they started to know each other and collaborated. Both of them had the same answer and said that it all started as a side gig. Both of them never thought that they would be working together for so long after that. It was Alex Pall whose manager introduced them to their producer Drew and there was no looking back for them after that. It was then that both their careers took off. Alex Pall admitted that the entire team work excellently well together and love what they did. When they started off, they agreed that they didn’t know it would become a full-time job for them, so that wanted to enjoy every minute they spend making good music. For Alex Pall, the entire experience was that of self-discovery and working with Andrew; he was able to push his limits and discover more things about him.

Alex Pall also told Mathias that in the electronic music genre, it was difficult for new musicians to make a name for himself or her. For them, it was difficult to find what they wanted to do first and it took them more than a year to find out exactly what they wanted to do. But, still, they did not want to limit themselves to just one genre of music and wanted to create music that their audience would love to hear. Talking about their recent collaboration with Hasley, the two men said that they loved working with her on their new album. She is hard working, dedicated to her work and has a certain sort of originality that made them chosen her over other singers.

Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers Awards

The Chainsmokers are an American DJ duo group which became popular for their song “selfie” in 2014 which hit the top 20 music charts. Since them they have created several hits that have been at the top of the charts. Some of their top hit songs are “Closer” “roses” “Something just like this” “paris” and “Don’t let me down.”

The chainsmokers have won several awards for their music including a Grammy, MTV music Awards, iHeartRadio awards, Billboard Music Awards and more. They are currently working on new music, which will feature a different theme than anything they have ever created before. They are hoping to reach a wider audience and grow a larger crowd with their new music, and they’re also hoping their fans will connect to it too.

Alex Pall was the one who started the group. He loved DJing and did it on the side. But one day he decided that he wanted to make a career out of what he loved so he spoke to his manager and started the Chainsmokers.

Andrew Taggart is the other member of the famous duo group. Before he made it big he was a college student with a dream. He lived in Maine at the time, and he also did DJing and put out a couple of tunes on his Soundcloud. He heard that the chainsmokers was in need for a second member and he didn’t waste any time. He rode a bus from Maine all the way to New York, where he met Alex’s manager.

Alex’s manager introduced the two and they immediately went to Alex’s apartment and started creating music. It didn’t take them long to come up with their top chart tunes, and they have even bigger plans for their future.