What Has Whitney Wolfe Been Up To?

Whitney Wolfe is a talented businesswoman who has worked long and hard over the years to build an empire that has now reached its highest point in the industry. Bumble is the app that she co-founded, and it has reached the top of the charts alongside Tinder. The millions upon millions of people who are using Bumble has proven that the app is here t stay and change lives.

Bumble is an app similar to Tinder. Men and women go ahead and swipe on each other, and when a match is made, the woman must send a message to the guy within 24 hours before the match disappears entirely. Bumble has created a very powerful new approach to making this dating app the best it can be by supporting women and giving them the power. The powerful feminist approach is what makes it so unique. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at Wikipedia

Whitney Wolfe is making changes in her career because of Bumble. She is witnessing new things in her life that are bringing her to new levels. Whitney Wolfe is now a part of the Imagine Entertainment board of directors as someone who has input on their newest entertainment media options. Imagine Entertainment is incredible with how they work bringing her to their team for her input.

Because the app is continuously changing, there are so many new features that have made this app the best it can be. For example, Bumble Bizz is a new addition to the original app. This part of Bumble allows you to make connections with people on a business level. If you want to find a new job or a new business partner, this part of the app is your place to be. Bumble also has Bumble BFF specifically for finding friends. If you’re new in town and need to meet some new people, Bumble BFF is the place for you to be.

Whitney Wolfe is here to prove to people that you can accomplish a life of meeting new people successfully. Wolfe is a professional who knows that Bumble is headed to a great level of growth over the next few years.

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Robert Deignan Explains How He Comes Up With His Ideas

Robert Deignan is most well known as being the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services. His company is one that helps its customers solve any issues that they may be having with their computers by implementing remote technology solutions. Robert has continuously innovated his company and inspired many others that are in the same industry to do the same. To be consistent in innovation, one must be continuously successful in generating ideas that solve immediate problems.

Robert Deignan is no stranger to solving issues. He does it on a daily basis and comes up with the best business ideas in many different ways. One of his favorite ways to generate the most beneficial ideas for his company is to be outdoors. For him, he is his most creative when he is out in nature. He wakes up, goes to the gym, gets his son ready for school, prepares his cup of coffee and then heads out to his backyard to enjoy it. It is during this time when he brainstorms and comes up with some of his best ideas. If he is not enjoying his coffee and brainstorming in his backyard, he is doing it in Colorado or Costa Rica. Robert also remembers to take notes during this time because of how many inspirational ideas he gets.

Robert was once asked what was the best thing that he spent one hundred dollars on. His reply was that it was when he bought some baseball equipment for his son. Seeing his son enjoy himself and improve his skills has been his favorite investment. Robert’s most favorite quotes come from several different successful entrepreneurs. Among these influential people in his life are Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.

Taking some time off to disconnect from the modern world is something that has helped fuel his creativity. Some of the hardest lessons that Robert has had to learn were the most helpful in improving his company. Learning to always listen to his gut, never working with friends and family and hiring only people that fit the company’s culture are some of the best pieces of advice that he has to offer.


Jeunesse’s Luminescence Cellular Rejuvenation Serum Regimen

I recommend that you scoop up some Luminescence from your nearest Jeunesse seller. You can’t buy this stuff in a store because it is sold by Jeunesse direct sellers. The anti-aging company sells their products through a network of direct sellers and there’s probably one in your neighborhood.

This company is pretty fascinating. It was founded back in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Williams. The two entrepreneurs had already found success in other business ventures. They had long been retired when they decided to co-found Jeunesse to bring their products to you.

They did so on a very peculiar date. They chose September 9, 2009. They decided to hold their kickoff party at 9 o’clock at night. This obsession with nine reflects the company’s a yearning to thrive. After all, nine symbolizes longevity.

And I have found that Luminescence has helped me thrive. The company calls it an anti-aging skin care line. The creams, sprays and ointments were developed by a dermatologist and each includes a proprietary chemical called APT-200.

The skincare line includes the Luminescence cellular rejuvenation serum. This serum has the highest concentration of the company’s proprietary APT-200 ingredient. It makes you look younger by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also packed with reviving antioxidants and vitamins which you can feel when you apply it to your skin. It also renews your skin by restoring elasticity.

You’ll want to use the serum after using the Luminescence youth restoring cleanser. You’ll also want to apply the serum before you put on any other facial products including makeup. The serum is easy to use. Just apply one pump to the palm of your hand and apply it to your face. Apply another pump to your neck. And you can use it day and night. You’ll want to massage the serum into your skin with gentle circular motions.

This serum continues to work after you go to bed. That means you can wake up in the morning to apply one treatment and then apply another treatment right before retiring for the night. This regimen is sure to keep you looking young.


Anil Chaturvedi the World Class Banker

As an alumnus of Meerut University and Delhi University School of Economics, Anil Chaturvedi levitated and became a household name in the banking sector. Chaturvedi is an international banker and has over 40 years’ experience in the banking sector. He has specialized specifically in private banking, investment banking, and commercial banking.

His journey commenced in 1971 when he attended Meerut University in India and obtained bachelor’s degree with honors in economics. Later on, in 1973, he attended Delhi University School of Economics where he did his masters in economics. After successfully completing his education, Chaturvedi has had the privilege of working with different organizations where he held diverse prestigious positions as a banker.

The Onset of His Career

The jump start of his career began in September 1987 where he worked as the development and planning manager in the State Bank of India (SBI). His main work was to come up with a strategy that incorporates the businesses of the non-resident Indians living in the United States. Within four years, he was able to do a remarkable job that created a new business worth more than 500 million dollars.

He moved to North America between 1991 and 1993 where he was elected as the country head of ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York City. Here, Chaturvedi headed the operations sector of the bank, ensuring that the bank complies with the regulations of the state. He also did a lot of marketing and product development and dealt with the development of leadership skills among individuals in the bank.

Chaturvedi as a Managing Director

From the ANZ Grindlays Bank, he got an even better opportunity in Switzerland where he is working as the managing director in the private banking sector of a bank known as Hinduja Bank. His main responsibility at Hinduja Bank core includes offering advisory services. Other responsibilities include looking for investors, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and credit syndication. He has also been known to facilitate alliances between the United States, Asia, and Europe. Chaturvedi has been greatly credited for tailoring specialized solutions for individuals who have a high net worth. Besides banking, he’s a chief advisor for the leading wealth management company worldwide.


Get To Know Lime Crime, Creator, Doe Deere

If you’re interested in beauty, there’s tons of intricate colors available at Lime Crime. Their founder, Doe Deere, was able to take her passion for colors, and sell a million products exclusively, online. She has been able to create a completely vegan line when many people were not on board with the exclusive new base. However, her business risk with the super-foil formula paid off. Today, Tenegram, has acquired the LC cosmetic line as a previously brand product. They were quickly sought after as a merger prospect. Deere says, the deal has been a success. She will now be able to watch her masterful line of eye-shadow and lipstick products travel while being sold around the world.

Meet Doe Deere, Lime Crime, Founder

Doe Deere, has been able to go public with a bold cosmetic blend that was one of the first to experiment with the amazing matte formula. She says, the Lime Crime brand doesn’t contain texture, gloss, or other chemicals. The exclusion of additional by products contained in leading competitor brands, makes her line cruelty-free and completely hypoallergenic. Simply put, the LC blend provokes your natural beauty, and brings out your best features. Decide that your going to take a bold new color approach to your look.

Enrich Your Natural Beauty With Lime Crime

Enjoy exclusive products like the Venus III Collection, that’s only sold online. Their 18-color palette is equipped with a blend for every day or any mood. Her makeup doesn’t require as much as competitor brands to save you extra money. Enjoy other brands like their Apricot Nude, summer collection. As always. LC, continues to promote a cosmetic blend that promotes your natural beauty. For example, enjoy their Extra Poppin Wet Cherry Gloss, to bring out your natural lip lines. You’re invited to visit the Lime Crime, website online for more details on their exhilarating line of eye-shadow and lipstick products.


Jason Hope is Leading in Anti-aging Research

It’s no secret. We all want to live a very long and healthy life. In the recent times, people have started to realize the importance of living healthy, and they have invested so much so that they can have a longer life. There are people will even purchase supplements so that they can have the healthy bodies they desire. There are many health challenges that face people in the modern times. There are millions of people who are being forced to cut short their dreams because they have to spend most of their days in the hospitals getting medical attention. There are dangerous diseases that have come up. People have died because medical professionals could not get the cure required for some of these conditions. See more of Jason Hope on Medium.

Jason Hope comes from the United States, and he has seen it all when it comes to the inventions in the medical profession. The businessman has been established in the technology world, but he has now realized that a lot needs to be done so that people can enjoy life. Jason Hope is the person behind the internet of things technology, and he has been the force introducing change in many new companies in the recent times. Jason Hope has been showing the world the importance of this form of technology, and he has made a lot of progress. Very few people have changed the world the way Jason Hope has been doing.

Jason Hope won many hearts this year when announced that he was going to offer some of his money to an organization that focuses on anti-aging medication and research. The businessman offered a huge sum to the SENS Foundation when he discovered that the institution has so much to offer in anti-aging research. Millions of people are living miserable lives because of age-related medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. Governments and medical practitioners are doing their part so that they can stop these conditions from affecting the quality of life people enjoy. The SENS Foundation admits that it is fortunate to have received funding from the businessman, and it has promised to deliver the great services the clients deserve.

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Freedom Checks: The Newest Investing Ground around the World

Freedom Checks are the trending investment rewards being sung about in the United States. They are the appropriate cash payments distributed to shareholders of the famous publicly traded partnerships through the statute 26 United States. Matt Badiali who has gone a long way in convincing the world about this secret founded freedom Checks. It is now almost two years since they were established and confirmed by Matt Badiali.

Many might not understand well what the Checks are all about but those that have gone ahead are reaping wonderful outcome. Government is not running it and that does not make it a federal program. It is believed to be a tax-free investment chance being guarded by the federal law called Statute 26-F. this law allows 550 energy-related firms and more in sending checks either quarterly or monthly to the investors. The firms coming together are referred to as master limited partnerships. These are firms with general terms. For a company to qualify for being part of this dictates that it gives the investors around 90 cents for each dollar in their earnings. This will give them a ticket to be exempted from tax. They possess extensive roles in the oil and gas industries. They run refineries, drill virgin wells, and distribute fuel through various pipelines to different destinations. In simple terms, Freedom Checks are similar to dividends however, there are referred by the master limited partnerships as distributions. The income tax from the federal law does not apply to either the shareholders or the master limited partnerships. Freedom Checks: Are They a Scam or the Real Deal?

For a long time, different people have been having questions regarding the Checks. Some of these questions have been answered. It is easy for people to have questions and seek someone to convince them about the F-Checks. This is because the world has been crowded with some many investors seeking shortcuts while others have been deceived. It has therefore caused an alertness on many investors to seek information before trusting a new investment opportunity such as the Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks is not a scam but a true platform that has already benefited a number of the investor.

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Fortress Investment Group, Principal Peter Briger

Background on Peter Briger

The World Billionaires List ranks Peter Briger in the 317 position. Most of his wealth can be linked to the sale of Fortress Investment Group shares to Softbank. He was retained in the Fortress Group as part of human capital. As an investment manager, he has been instrumental in improving the financial services of the Fortress Group. Briger joined the Fortress Group in 2002 after working in Goldman Sachs for fifteen years.

The move to Fortress Group was intended to offer the required insights and skills on debts securities and real estate business. Currently, Briger acts as the Co-Chairman of the Fortress Board of directors as well as the principal of the group. Over the years, he has developed an acumen for various trading assets. The skills allow him to oversee operations like financing, owning and supervising both physical and financial assets. Likewise, the Fortress Group has maintained a competitive advantage over other market players.

Professional History

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger worked with Goldman Sachs where he improved hedge fund kills. Briger is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University. The Fortress Group Principal has seen the transformation of many operations. Peter Briger is tasked with decision making and managing both the real estates and credit business. Most of the Fortress Group employees are contented and happy working in the Company. Other than overseeing the smooth running of the group, he has also embarked on philanthropic causes. In the past years, he has supported the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund.

The Fund aids recent Alumni of the institution with the ability to venture into businesses. He remained optimistic that the Bitcoin technology would be the new way to send money. He further hinted at the need to have regulations on the use of Bitcoin. His view indicated that Wall Street has become comfortable with the new technology. Nonetheless, a series of crises saw Fortress scale down its tone in matters connected to Bitcoin technology. His vast skills and attributed has been crucial in transforming financial services not only in the USA but to other parts of the globe.


Custom Companies and Transport Solutions

Custom Companies came into existence in 1986. The company’s vision was to offer a broad transportation solutions base under one umbrella to its clients. The comprehensive approach of the company grew swiftly from a two-truck business to presently working with more than two thousand parts of equipment in America. Recognized as the top in the industry of transportation, the Custom Companies has devoted its energy to offering the best customer service to its customers and clients.

The Custom Companies is offering all the services related to transportation. The company is devoted to ensuring the needs of shippers are entirely provided for by its hands-on modified approach as well as its world-class experience. The company has its main offices in Northlake, Illinois. Custom Companies offers a full variety of transport services such as International and Domestic Air Freight, Direct Mail Distribution Services, 50 State Less than Truckload (LTL), Dedicated Contract Cartage, Local Cartage, Hot Shot Services, Logistics Management Intermodal Services, Expedited Ground Services, Full and Partial Truckload Services, and Pick & Pack Services in North America. The company’s equipment offers include Flat Bed equipment, Temperature Controlled equipment, and Dry Vans.

The success of the ISO Certified Company is rooted in its Custom Culture. The company is very flexible which allows it to respond to all the needs of its customers rapidly. Regardless of the season or time, the company prides itself in its culture of ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ and ‘DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME’ strategy. The company’s culture is all over on the interior wall of the company building as well as written in the hearts and minds of all the employees. The team spirit exhibited in the company environment has seen the company grow to one of the leaders in the industry. (alivenewspaper)

Custom Companies has employed the use of technology in all its operation. The company’s website was constituted exclusively from the feedbacks and needs of the company’s esteemed customers. The web-based technologies created for customers offer the clients with real-time state of the art information on all the system’s shipment. Some of the major features on the company website include Bill OF Lading Request, Effortless Quoting, Real Time Tracing and Tracking, Pickup Request and Detailed Customized online Reporting.


Jorge Moll on What’s in the Brain

Jorge Moll is a Neuroscientist and President at D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Moll started IDOR because of his desire and passion to promote healthcare, education, and research. Once he had the idea for IDOR, he acted on it quickly for two main reasons. First, to ensure he wasn’t depriving anyone of information that could potentially help them. He wanted to begin his research so that others could begin benefitting from it. Second, he didn’t want to miss out on the entrepreneurial prospect by allowing someone else the opportunity to start a similar business before he could.


In order for Jorge Moll to conduct medical research, particularly on the brain, he uses technology. He believes that it is impossible to talk about medicine without bringing up the use of technology because the use of it offers so many benefits. There are a number of innovative technologies that have been developed that make aid in doctors and researchers abilities to effectively and efficiently attend to patients. It is through these various technologies that Moll conducts his research, particularly on the brain.


During the last several years Jorge Moll has been dedicated to research that involves altruistic and moral behavior and the response they have in the brain. What they have found, is that altruistic and moral behavior occurs naturally in the brain and brings about a pleasurable response. This was determined after a number of volunteers were asked to place other people’s interests and wants before their own. At first, the results were shocking to Moll. What the brain scans showed was that when people completed that task of putting others first, the same part of the brain was activated that also responds to pleasure brought on by sex and food.


As research continues on this topic and as our understanding increases, it would not be surprising to see changes in the way society handles certain unethical or immoral decisions.