Organo Gold Founder Bernardo Chua Wins Prestigious Dangl ng Bayan Award

January 27th, 2015 was a memorable day for businessman and Philippines native Bernardo Chua. On that day the government of the Philippines gathered people from throughout the country in Hemady Square in the country’s capital of Manila to hold a special awards ceremony. Bernardo Chua was the guest of honor. He was presented with the Dangl ng Bayan award. The award is recognition that the recipient is a world-class Filipino entrepreneur who has achieved business excellence through their vision and ability and served as motivation for fellow Filipinos to achieve greatness. Chua was also voted ‘Outstanding Global Entrepreneur’.

None of that was on Bernardo Chua’s mind when he first became involved in direct sales with Gano Excel. His primary motivation was that the marketing position allow him to teach people about the health benefits they could get by using products containing Ganoderma Lucidium. Consumers were able to recognize Bernardo Chua’s sincere desire to share vital information about protecting their health and well-being through the use of ganoderma infused Gano Excel products. His sales went through the roof and soon Chua had people in far away and disparate places like Hong Kong and Canada regularly buying the products in the Gano Excel line. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

With people in the Western Hemisphere taking an interest in products containing antioxidant and nutrient rich ganoderma, Bernardo Chua decided to move to North America. It was there he started Organo Gold in 2008 to meet the growing demand for bioactive teas, coffees and other products which had extracts from the ganoderma mushroom in them. Chua also paid organic farmers to create the highest quality ganoderma mushrooms in the world to use in Organo Gold products. He then offered the products to his direct sales team at low wholesale prices so they could make a healthy profit.

Organo Gold became the fastest growing direct sales company in the world. It now has over 800,000 sales representative and millions of customers in 50 countries. However, the focus of Organo Gold’s marketing efforts remains educating consumers about the health benefits of ingesting ganoderma. Bernardo Chua’s commitment to that has never wavered.

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