The Fountain House’s Plan To Better Mankind

Are you generally interested in what’s going on in the mental illness sector of business? Have you ever heard of an organization that’s known as the Fountain House? If you’re not from the New York City area, then you probably don’t have a clue, but this article will shed a little light on the subject as well as shed some light on the key figures. The Fountain House has been a haven of support for mental illness since 1944. This progressive-thinking organization does a phenomenal job of working with mentally disabled people. These special people may not be able to learn at a fast rate, but they do have the ability to learn in general terms. A little time and effort goes a long way and here is why.


The Fountain House is designed to give hope, to provide support and to offer opportunity. Since mental illness has become a crisis, it will take a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money to transform these brilliant individuals into a success. This is where Jeremy Goldstein enters the picture, and he has been an enormous help to the organization. This man is well-educated and is well-accomplished. He has attended the University of Chicago, and this institute is where he earned a master’s degree. He has also attended Cornell University, which resulted in him earning a bachelor’s degree. Goldstein and other board members of the Fountain House has been able to incorporate many new programs into the mix. These programs have definitely helped to raise the standard of living for mentally ill people. The Fountain House has earned up to $2 million a year as many of its disabled patients has worked with nearly 40 different companies in New York City. Over 77 percent of the patients has completed their education and many of the patients have worked in education, in culinary and in communications.


All in all, Jeremy Goldstein is the “x-factor” of the entire program because he knows how to get things done and that speaks volumes.


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Jeremy Goldstein Lists the 3 Benefits of Knockout Options

It is not uncommon for companies all over the globe to make changes in their strategies, mission, and their overall objectives. Some of these changes are often driven by the need to cut expenses in order to make bigger profits. To assist with making sure the company’ resources are managed appropriately, the heads of these companies usually call in experts that can advise and educate them on new trends that can save the company lots of money. With this in mind, this is one of the main reasons why Jeremy Goldstein is often called in and highly recommended as an expert on topics like Knockout options. With knockout options and its availability, the company will have a chance to re-vamp and completely replace parts of their compensation programs. So, for those of you who may be interested in the actual significance of knockout options and its benefits, you should review the information that is provided for you below.


Benefit #1 – Encourages Employees to Work Harder


Based on the information reported by Jeremy Goldstein, there are some key benefits to offering Knockout stocks. One of the most important and notable is that this concept is based on giving and receiving so no one makes a big success unless they can get the co-operation of those employees who are employed for this success. For instance, the person must be able to work harder on purpose to protect their own interest in the company. This is especially the case when the amount of money added to the base salary of an employee is based on how the company as a whole will perform. Learn more:


Benefits #2 – Simple to Understand Rules and Guidelines and Jeremy Goldstein


Even though Jeremy Goldstein knows a lot of complicated words to express his intent in the business online, these complex terms are really not necessary. Specifically, when employers are attempting to explain the rules and guides of the knockout options and the employees may not get it all based on traditions. However, because this compensation program is meant to be cut and dry, people can only understand more when they have simplified the earnings. This step is normally achieved by giving everyone in the company an equal footing as it compared to the number of options that the person is exposed to today.


Benefit #3 – Employees continue to Receive Awarding Options


Because some companies are looking for the best way to cut cost, they may consider eliminating stock options altogether and they will have no other alternative to take its place. Today, for those companies who do want to discontinue these awesome investing opportunities, they can continue to provide these types of investments for better incentives to all of the employees vs a select few.