Meet a talented financial executive, Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a financial executive who is experienced after working for several organizations successfully. He has held top positions in the companies he has worked for making him one of the best individual in the investment world. At one time he worked at Fortress Investment Group as the managing director. He led the International Investor Relations Sector for over five years at the company. He was dedicated in his work, and his performance was outstanding leading him to be promoted to head the Liquid Markets at Fortress Investment Group. He served in the top position for a few years before Angelo, Gordon & Co spotted his potential.

Gareth Henry is a reputable individual in the financial sector because he works hard. That is why he has managed to build his portfolio to become one of the best in the investment world. He has established connections with insurance and pension companies, hedge funds and alternative asset management companies. Several organizations have recognized his potential. For example, he was listed as a rising star Institutional investor. It is a list that features those who are accomplished in what they do. It considers professionals who can think and uniquely do their things.

After successfully working at Fortress Investment Group, he gained experience and could work with some of the largest companies in the world. He moved to serve as the Managing Director of Angelo, Gordon & Co. He was also appointed to be the Global Head of Investor Relations at the same organization. Gareth Henry was also privileged to be a partner with the investment firm that is based in New York. When he was joining the company, he was praised by various individuals. For example, the president of Angelo, Gordon & Co, Lawrence Schloss was happy to work with Gareth. He said they were delighted to invite Gareth Henry because he would use his experience to strengthen the performance of the firm. He has established a strong connection with global customers, and that is an advantage for the company. Gareth is also happy to work with other professionals and learn a lot from them while giving his experience.