How Sheldon Lavin Grew His Company Into A Multinational Firm

In mid-life Sheldon Lavin transitioned his professional life from one in the financial industry to the food processing industry. He was a financial consultant who helped business owners improve their financial situation. It was in this role that he was a consultant to a company named Otto & Sons which resulted in his life dramatically changing.

When Sheldon Lavin came across Otto & Sons it was an Illinois-based food processing company that had a problem, although a good one to have. They were the first supplier of processed beef for the McDonald’s Corporation. At that time McDonald’s had a hundred plus providers of beef across the United States. They wanted to reduce this number to just four and Otto & Sons was one of the companies they wanted to keep. However, Otto & Sons would have to build a new processing facility which they didn’t have the money for.

Enter Sheldon Lavin. He arranged financing for Otto & Sons and served as a financial consultant on other matters. The owners of this company ended up asking him to become one of the owners of their company as well as its top executive. As he thought he could help this company greatly expand he accepted their offer.

As the chairman and CEO of this company, since renamed as OSI Group, he grew it into a multinational firm. As McDonald’s expanded into Europe Sheldon Lavin made sure that OSI Group was right behind them. This continued into other regions of the world as well such as South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. His company now has facilities to process food in 17 countries and, through its global food chain, their food is sold in many other countries.

Over the years Sheldon Lavin has made sure that his company has acquired many more customers than just McDonald’s. One of the big ways he does so is by creating a company that can offer highly customized food solutions. His company also offers far more than just processed beef today as he expanded into processing chicken, pork, fruit, vegetables, and other processed food.