Dick DeVos Among Most Active Donors

Over the years, the DeVos family has established itself as one of the most generous families in the United States. During the family’s history, it has given approximately $90 million to a number of various causes. The family gives funds to numerous causes such as education, to arts organizations and for business development. In western Michigan where the family is from, people are evaluated in terms of their generosity. With this in mind, the DeVos family is among the most prestigious around. By providing donations for a number of causes, the DeVos family has made a positive impact on its community. It has been able to improve the lives of many individuals as well as the operations of a number of organizations. With their contributions, the DeVos family was rated as among the most giving families in the nation.


The DeVos family is one of the most charitable when it comes to providing funds for education. Each year, the family provides scholarships for business school students. Those looking to complete a MBA degree will have the funding to finance their education with the scholarships given by the DeVos family. With their donations, the DeVos family has helped a number of students advance their education as well as their careers. Another way in which the family has contributed to education is through charter school vouchers. The family believes that private education is better than public education and therefore parents should have the opportunity to get this education more affordably.


Another cause that the DeVos has made contributions towards is the performing arts. There are some arts organizations that the family donates money to on a regular basis. With these donations, the arts organizations are able to provide professional development to management and staff. This often results in more efficient operations as well as the introduction to new events. The funds are also provided to help finance contests that give artists an opportunity to showcase their work and earn incentives as well. These donations help provide funding to organizations that are looking to entertain and educate people on a regular basis.


Dick DeVos is one of the most successful businessmen in the United States. He has spent a number of years working as the chief executive officer of Amway. The company is the leading direct selling company in the world. During Dick’s tenure as CEO, he was able to help it grow and expand to a number of different markets all over the world. Along with being the CEO of Amway, Dick has also been involved in professional sports. He was a leading executive of the Orlando Magic basketball team for a few years. Under his leadership, the team was able to develop into one of the best run organizations in the league.


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Orange Coast College – article recap

At 530 am, most people are struggling to get out of bed, however, Assistant Coach Steve Morris is in is the car on the way to rowing practice. Practice starts at 630 am on the dot. He himself was on the rowing team at Orange Coast College. He was the coxswain, the person who yells the commands. Learn more: http://www.ocregister.com/2017/05/24/orange-coast-college-rowers-have-the-muscle-and-mindset-to-win-nationals/


There is no doubt that rowing is an elite sport normally found at four-year universities, however, Orange Coast College did not get its nickname Giant Killer by worrying about the fact that their crew time is attending a two-year community college. This team has earned its nickname as they have won 11 national titles and are on their way securing their 12th title.


Rowing is not for the faint at heart, and the interesting part of this team is that most of the men never had an oar in their hand before they went out for the team. Several oarsmen over the 60-year history went on to crew for top rowing schools and even made it to the Olympics.


Coach Carmen Brown states that rowing is not only about physical strength, but it is very much a mental game too. He has seen boys who were struggling in high school, set the world on fire thanks to the program at OCC. Brown also believes that their is no better way to start the day than out on the water. Learn more: http://www.coastline.edu/myccc/


Orange Coast College is located in Southern Calafornia near beaches and ofcourse the water. It’s student body constists of roubghly 25,000 students every sememster. The school offers classes year around with about half of the students being involved in the Career and Technical Educational programs offered at the school. OCC is also home to one of the nation’s largest nautical programs. OCC has a large atheltic department that includes a variety of sports for both men and women. The thinking at the school is if you work hard on and off the field, than you will succeed.


Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is opening their doors for visitors to come and witness the unusual corpse flower, located on display in the administration building from 10:00am until 6:00pm in the evenings. I can imagine what you’re thinking right now, crazy right?. This particular flower was given the nickname corpse flower because of the awful stench that is released as the blooms begin to open. Many have compared the scent to decomposing tissue. People from all around have already gathered to witness such a funny sight. Students at the college made it even better by giving the flower a more human-like name, Little Dougie.


Little Dougie has been pollinated by hand over the course of its lifetime. The flower has been at the school since 2006 and currently weighs over 30lbs. The largest it can get is around 200lbs! Thousands of guests have already taken the opportunity to experience this unique opportunity. Visitors are encouraged to make a 3.00 donation, which will help fund scholarships for the horticulture programs.


Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 and is located in Costa Mesa, which is only a few minutes from the beaches in Southern California. OCC offers a large variety of majors and career programs. Definitely catering to each individual students interests. The college has been named one of the largest community colleges. Over 25,000 students enroll each semester alone.


Orange Coast College takes pride on not only all of the achievements that have been awarded but also on the fact that they offer their students the ability to learn on the most up to date technology equipment available.


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