Fortress Investment Group, Principal Peter Briger

Background on Peter Briger

The World Billionaires List ranks Peter Briger in the 317 position. Most of his wealth can be linked to the sale of Fortress Investment Group shares to Softbank. He was retained in the Fortress Group as part of human capital. As an investment manager, he has been instrumental in improving the financial services of the Fortress Group. Briger joined the Fortress Group in 2002 after working in Goldman Sachs for fifteen years.

The move to Fortress Group was intended to offer the required insights and skills on debts securities and real estate business. Currently, Briger acts as the Co-Chairman of the Fortress Board of directors as well as the principal of the group. Over the years, he has developed an acumen for various trading assets. The skills allow him to oversee operations like financing, owning and supervising both physical and financial assets. Likewise, the Fortress Group has maintained a competitive advantage over other market players.

Professional History

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger worked with Goldman Sachs where he improved hedge fund kills. Briger is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University. The Fortress Group Principal has seen the transformation of many operations. Peter Briger is tasked with decision making and managing both the real estates and credit business. Most of the Fortress Group employees are contented and happy working in the Company. Other than overseeing the smooth running of the group, he has also embarked on philanthropic causes. In the past years, he has supported the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund.

The Fund aids recent Alumni of the institution with the ability to venture into businesses. He remained optimistic that the Bitcoin technology would be the new way to send money. He further hinted at the need to have regulations on the use of Bitcoin. His view indicated that Wall Street has become comfortable with the new technology. Nonetheless, a series of crises saw Fortress scale down its tone in matters connected to Bitcoin technology. His vast skills and attributed has been crucial in transforming financial services not only in the USA but to other parts of the globe.


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