Improving Quality of Life with Dr. Dov Rand

These days, it seems that every person has some sort of health issue that they are dealing with. There are a variety of symptoms that people tend to have but also some that are not all that common. Just to name a few common ailments is depression, anxiety, hypertension, arthritis, and different pains all over the body.


Someone that is very interested in helping these types of people is Dr. Dov Rand. The best part is that, not only does he want to help treat these people, but he is very interested in helping in a more natural way, by means of physical medicine and rehabilitation, also known as the physiatry.


This type of treatment offered by Dr. Dov Rand is very desirable to many people. This is so because these days, it is very important to receive a treatment that is as minimally invasive and as natural as possible. Nowadays, most people are not interested in the newest medications that are just now being used. Alternatively, many people make it their goal to find providers that are willing to treat their condition as organically and with as few side effects as possible.


Doctor Dov Rand is very much concerned about the quality of a person’s life. He is so passionate about this field that he also takes the time to teach others what he has learned. This is a great benefit to people in general as there will be more options of treatment.


One of the primary ways that Dr. Dov Rand treats his patient is by means of hormone therapy. This is done by checking certain levels of hormones in the patient and making sure to assist in bringing it back to normal levels. Instead of just prescribing medications for it, Dr. Dov Rand recommends natural remedies such as acupuncture and yoga.


Dr. Dov Rand is definitely an authority for what he does. He is very knowledgeable and compassionate which are fundamental qualities of any great doctor. His concern for people’s lives is admirable and should be imitated by others in future medicine.


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