How Innovocare under Rick Shinto, has continued to improve Puerto Rico’s HealthCare Industry.

Innovocare Health which was founded back in 1998 by Richard Shinto offers managed healthcare services. In Puerto Rico, the company provides the most popular health plans, which the more significant number of the Island’s dwellers, rely on for their medical coverage. Innovacare Health operates PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare, Inc. More than two hundred thousand people use this plans which are administered by the healthcare company via a network of providers at the tune of 7,500.


The company also manages Medicaid Plans which operate under the Government Health Plan (GHP) of Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, it is the only company that offers NCQA-accredited plans and is focused on providing the best quality of healthcare to their members. Consequently, Innovocare has come up with cost-effective, integrated and innovative managed care models. These models see to it that, all Innovocare clients benefit from all the advanced technology within the reach of the company.


The company has mostly been successful because of a competent leadership team, which is led by Richard Shinto who is the President and Chief Executive Officer. Shinto has been in the health industry for more than two decades where he has specialised in clinical and operational healthcare in managed care. His experience has helped Innovocare establish itself as the leader in the Healthcare industry.


Penelope Kokkinides, who serves as Chief Administrative Officer, has been instrumental in the company, bringing her expertise in government offered plans such as Medicare Advantage and Medicaid. She has been a consistent advocate for improvements in the Puerto Rico healthcare system. In her push to better the system, she attended a meeting in the White House with US President Donald Trump, where they discussed federal health care legislation.


In the meeting, Penelope emphasised the importance of initiating friendly legislation and increasing funding to the Puerto Rico healthcare industry. Kokkinides praised the efforts of Trump’s administration of revising Medicare Advantage payments, saying that was a welcome move. She cited that the previous administration had cut funding for the plan, making it difficult for the people of Puerto Rico to afford high payments.


More about Innovocare Health


Innovocare is an equal employer and is seeking qualified individuals for some positions. Among them includes the position of Member Enrollment Specialist Manager and Director of Pharmacy. The company has gained a reputation for caring for their employees as much as they do for their clients.


Additionally Innovocare is seeking to recruit a Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Chief Medical Officer for their Managed Care Unit and a Temporary Healthcare Recruiter who will be engaged for six months.

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