Tony Petrello Supports Jan And Dun Duncan Neurological Center

If there is a role that has been played out well by Tony Petrello, it has to be that of philanthropy. This is a role that is even outshining his impeccable track record as a corporate executive as the head of the biggest oil and gas drilling company in the world known as Nabors Industries.

He became the CEO of the company in 2011 after serving as the Chief Operating Officer for two decades. Since he joined the management of the company, things have never been the same in this firm. He has been working around the clock to take the industry better by introducing better ways of drilling using the latest technology. Nabors Industries leads the industry by having the best technology. Their drilling rigs are the safest and the most likely to help with oil exploration and drilling.

Tony Petrello in philanthropy is someone lisle. He is given a lot of concentration on the health of the young people. He is currently sponsoring the development of a neurological research center known as Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute that is located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. This is a facility that is going on with the search for the cause and treatment of the various neurological disorders that happen to children. Tony Petrello has already given $5 million to the facility and has promised to add more. He has pledged $2 million to the facility after seeing the progress it will make in future. Together with his Cynthia, Tony Petrello has been leading fundraising efforts for the facility. In the recent fund’s drive that he led, the hospital received $500 million in donations.

Tony Petrello is hopeful that this facility will receive a lot of attention going on. Already, they have recruited top doctors and surgeon in the world who are leading in the research work. There is hope that children who suffer from neurological disorders will have a reprieve after the industry sees the successful completion of the research work.

Tony is one of those are directly affected by the current situation where there are is no medication for neurological conditions in children. His daughter named Carena has been suffering from such a condition since she was born. She has never lived a good life because she does not have coordination meaning that she can barely live on his own. She has to be supported in some of the most basic functions such as walking and eating. If there is a treatment for such disorders, Carena and other children will be beneficiaries.

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