The Frontera Fund aims at voicing the Latinos injustice

The Frontera Fund aims at voicing the Latinos injustice.

From the Arizona State, two gentlemen named Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have picked peoples interest. Jim was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona while Michael was born in Newark, New Jersey.

They later went to the same college named Arizona State University where they met. The two quickly became friends and planned on creating a publishing company. To do this, they both dropped out to focus on the business venture.

Their main reason for starting the publishing business was to write about the politics and social activities of the students in the Arizona State University and its environs.

Jim and Michael both created the Phoenix New Times. Jim is the head of advertising and marketing while Michael is the chief executive editor. The magazine majors in investigative journalism which has proved to be their leading attribute to their paper. Their magazine has been read by millions of eager readers in the nation.

However, their investigative journalism proved to be a tough choice since were arrested, detained and their First Amendment rights were violated by the Maricopa County sheriffs.

Their reason for these unlawful actions was because they had uncovered a story concerning the Maricopa County head sheriff; Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio had been the head of the sheriff department for six consecutive times. During this 20 years period, a lot of laws had been violated by him and his colleagues.

These included criminal racial profiling of immigrants, violating of people’s rights, targeting of Latino drivers, mistreating of minority groups especially the Latinos and the Hispanic groups among others. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Due to this, Judge G. Murray of the county in 2011 ordered him to stop the unlawful arrests and unfair profiling of the specific groups.

The order was ignored by Arpaio and his followers who used all means to stop illegal immigration including racial profiling and mistreating of minority groups. Many immigrants came from the Latin countries and Mexico.

Judge G. Murray also gave examples of innocent people Joe and his cronies violated their human rights. Joe Arpaio claimed that there was a miscommunication about the order that leads them to violate it.

Due to many of these unlawful actions including the Jim and Michael arrest. The two filed a lawsuit against Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County. They won the case and were given $ 3.75 million. Many thoughts that it was the end of the road for Arpaio.

They expected him to be jailed for his actions but to their surprise was pardoned by President Donald Trump when he assumed office. This got people angry since the “Americas worst cop” was free from all charges. Larkin said that the pardon was a proof of the ineptitude of the nation’s justice system.

With lawsuit money, Jim and Michael started an organization that helps other migrant-rights associations in Arizona named the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund continues to fight for the minority groups mainly the Latinos and also against Joe Arpaio.

The organization helps other nonprofit firms that voice the rights of the Latinos and other minority groups who have been unlawfully treated by the law representatives.

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