Rocketship Education Understands the Importance of Growth Scores and what they Mean to Students

Most students typically do not like testing. They find tests to be stressful and difficult to pass. However, testing is a necessary way for educators to properly evaluate their student’s progress. The American education system uses a variety of tests to determine if a child has mastered the material taught to them by their teacher.

Children who pass a state test can move on to the next grading level. Those who do not pass are often held back until they can catch up academically. State tests do not always determine if a child can move on to the next grade. There is another type of test that some schools use for their students and it is called the MAP test. This type of test determines if a child is learning instructional material within a given grading period.

Rocketship Education Charter School uses MAP testing procedures for their students. In case you didn’t know, Rocketship Education Charter Schools have been around for about 12 years. This chain of charter schools is located in various impoverished communities all throughout the country. The school chain has facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Nashville, Tennessee and in Washington D.C. They also have branches of this school in a few other U.S. cities as well.

Since Rocketship serves underprivileged communities; they use a variety of testing procedures to help ensure their students are on track. This is why the MAP tests are so important to the education process for their students. Rocketship Education encourages parents to get their schools to utilize the MAP test standard. At least 7,400 school districts use these tests. Since there are nearly 13,500 school districts within the U.S.; close to half of them have this testing standard in place.

Rocketship knows that growth scores are just as important as test scores. Teachers and parents can better assess a student’s academic achievement and figure out the best course of action to take with their learning. If a student is failing to grasp the material, then changes can be made to get them back on track. If a student is understanding what is being taught, then an educator can simply focus on more students who are struggling. Rocketship wants parents to understand this information so that it could possibly benefit their children in the long run.

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